Man United have the team to turn around tie at Barca, but it doesn’t include Lukaku

It often happens in the most test circumstances that you find most about a player and whether it is the person who can then make a difference when it matters, so Manchester United’s against Old Trafford 1 in Manchester Can be lost in the Champions League by -0.0 Romelu Lukaku is considered to be a bad night only.

The agent of Belgium forward, Federico Pesterello, you must have seen recently, after the struggle to explain Ole Gunnar Solskar, in this summer, the door has left the door open to go away from United for his client, Regularly multiplies the starting position in the forward. role.

But after the opportunity to show his credentials for United’s new permanent manager against the Spanish champion, Lukaku once again got reduced against the world-class defenders and made himself a square pig in a round hole in a team. Appeared in the form. Only the best players can come out when the opponents in front of them can add speed and movement to scare the opposition. After 67 minutes of the first stage of this quarterfinal, Lukaku was replaced by Anthony Marshall, in which East Everton did little or nothing to justify his selection.

During the first half there was a moment that highlighted the fact that the 25-year-old Solskager’s game is not suited for the plan.

With the exit to play the ball for throw-in, the joint captain, Ashley Young, quickly retrieved it with the intention of catching Barka with a quick throw at the edge of the penalty area. But when he discovered Lukaku, the striker was slowly walking towards the 18-yard box with Young Back, who lifted his arms in desperation ahead of 90 million pounds after throwing the ball near Marcus Rashford.

Lukaku does not move forward or do not appear sufficiently for this joint team, and that is why, there is no hope of winning Solskar in the return leg in Camp Nou, the manager should go with the speed and from the front The movement will have the form of those three players who ended the game in those terms: Rashford, Marshal and Jesse Lingard

In the last 23 minutes, United watched Barca knit and knit in the back line, and we were able to score. Tired legs, perhaps, played a factor for visitors, but the difference was stark.

In January, Solskager had to rise early with Marussen Fellaini – the only joint player to score in the five Champions League domestic games this season – after realizing that the midfielder was not enough mobile just for his style.

Luakaku has shown a glimpse of being able to present something under Solskar, with his two goals in the round-16 against Paris Saint-Germain and an enthusiastic performance in FA Cup wins in the real highlights of Arsenal, but he was more disappointed Does affects. The best performances under Solskjer have come when Rashford, Marshall and Lingard have been licensed to play together and discuss opposition bullets.

United has no hope of winning in Barcelona, ​​who will take their remarkable 3-1 success in Paris last month, they have to go with the players who will give them the best opportunity to reverse, and not in Lukaku. group.

United never defeated Barka at Camp Nou, but despite losing the courtesy following the opening goal of Luke Shaw, they will travel to Catalonia next Wednesday, assuming they finish the barren run to reach the semi-finals Can. The players of Solskar need to go in favor of United, in order to enter the final-four encounter with Liverpool, who forward Porto 2-0 ahead in the second leg of Tuesday, Estadio do Dragago , But in the Old Trafford after coming face to face with Leonie Messi and Company, they should travel without fear.

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“It’s a tough one,” said Solskar. “We will go there with that knowledge where we can score. We go there with one thing in our mind: we have to score.”

“I do not think we target tonight, and this is a disappointment, but we go to work [to Barcelona].”

Messi is clearly a big threat to United. In Old Trafford, Argentina was subdued, and United could take some credit for the way their players pulled them out when they were the ball. Criss Smalang’s strong first-half challenge, which left Messi with a bloody nose, could have had an impact. If Messi remains silent in the same way next week, then United will be in the hope, but if he builds one of his magical nights, then United can forget him.

But 1-0, the tie is not over, and United has already played in this champions league this season – during the group stages against Juventus in Paris and Juventus in Turin – so that they can score and win Home away against the most difficult opponents.

However, the selection of the team will be important, and in the camp no, Solkujer can not move to Lukaku. Movement and thinking speeds are important in the modern game, where the center-forwarding of the old style has become rare, but in the United States,

Manchester United will be the head of Camp Nou and need to win to progress to the Champions League, despite an enthusiastic performance after losing 1-0 to Barcelona in the quarterfinals of their Quarterfinals in Old Trafford.

Lukaku proved harmless for 5/10 Baraka as the slow start of Man United

Barcelona, ​​who has not lost home since November, will take a distant goal for Spain after Liech Shaw missed 12 minutes after Luis Sharj’s header. United recovered the viewers from a slow start to bring pressure, though the goalkeeper Mark-Andre Ter Stegan was never seriously disturbed. Dikogo Delto came closer to score for United with a header on the back post, but vacancies against the Spanish veterans meant that United had scored just once in this season’s five Champions League home games.

Against Paris Saint-Germain, the party of Ole Gunnar Solskar will have to repeat, where he had lost the first round in 16 rounds at home before executing a dramatic return to Pars des Princess – if they want to qualify for it 2011 After the semifinals for the first time.

Scott McTominay is only 22 and has not played 50 senior games yet, but he did not appear to be out of the big stage against Barcelona. He performed well in a more advanced role in the Wawlwe’s league defeat and is also impressive in the same situation. He made Sergio Baskets very difficult in the first half, that Spaniard was lucky, who was still on pitch for half-time.

United was penalized for a slow start and as long as he – and the Old Trafford crowd – joined the game, Barcelona was already in front. There were so many positives to pick up from the show, but the fact that they were walking in a loss in Camp Nou, the way they started.

Manager rating out of 10
6 – Solaskar took Shaw with his team in a five-center defense in the Dalt-left wing-back, as a third center-back. United did not start well and Barcelona had 90 percent possession in the first 15 minutes and was already 1-0 up. Norway wants a fast start and vice versa.

Players rating (1-10; 10 = best. Player ratings not submitted after 70 minutes)
GK David De Gaye, 7 – A low savings from Philip Koouthinho and one from Jordan Alba and a good saving with his feet to deny his near term.

DF Ashley Young, 5 – Not Her Best Night With good posts, wasted many opportunities to cross the penalty area and was guilty of giving away the ball.

DF Diogo Dalot, 6 – told to play left wing-back. With the back-post header from Marcus Rushford’s cross, the first half made United’s best chance.

DF Luke Shaw 6 – started as the third center. Suarez was lost when he moved back to Barcelona’s goal. Lionel Messi was booked for a dishonest and missed another leg.

DF Chris Smaling, 7 – told “Messi to It” in the pre-match news conference and supported his words. Left Massy nursing a bloody nose after a strong challenge in the first half.

DF Victor Lindelof, 7 – The Swed won a lot in the air, but the ball was stopped from bringing it back. Good to please Suarez

MF Scott McTominee, 8 – Closed by Basques in the first five minutes. After coming under pressure of Gerard Peak, you can win a penalty in the first half. Well played.

MF Fred, 7 – United’s midfield is played as the deepest of three. Found himself following Messi and gave Argentina no place to knit his magic.

MF Paul Pogba, 6 – found Rashford with an amazing pass around Barcelona’s defense in the first half. Tried to be a manufacturer in midfield, but the killer could not find.

FW Marcus Rashford, 7 – Suspicion of injury in build-up. Fired an early free kick wide and made the best chance of playing, in which there was a fantastic cross for the delot.

FW Römelu Lukaku, 5 – A Pogba cross which flows over the top of his head in the first half, he was closest to whom he came to disturb Tarzan. There was not much to affect the game


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